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As the suffocating embrace of a packed train becomes her eerie stage, a budding actress teeters on the edge of sanity. Amidst the throngs of passengers, her relentless quest for recognition morphs into a harrowing descent, blurring the lines between ambition and terror. Will the spotlight she craves reveal her dream or unravel into a haunting nightmare?


A note from the Writer

Horror, traditionally, occurs in quiet places. 


Remote villages. Cabins in the woods. Old, haunted manors. Truly, anywhere you could wind up alone can be scary, because being alone is scary.  Those dark, empty spaces become haunting for their ghosts, and ghouls, and whatever else may hide in those shadows. 


But what of the crowded places? 


The hot, noisy streets. Packed train cars, bleached by buzzing bright fluorescent lights. Crowds so thick you can barely breathe. Eyes that leer and stare at you.  So many people around, that you become one of millions. Insignificant. These claustrophobic spaces become haunting for their anxiety, their bright, blinding light and the chaos they hide. 

This is a horror movie that takes place in those bright, crowded, anxious spaces, among the ever watching eyes.

-Jason Pointek


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